Bible Study & Prayer

Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself. ~Matthew 22:37,39

The Prayer Room

prayer room 3 originalprayer room 4 original


Located in the lower level of Kulp Residence Hall. This space is set aside as a place for prayer and meditation.

CMC Prayer Room


Located in the Church-Chapel building, this is another place set aside for prayer and meditation, open during the day.


Located on the lawn north of EastHall, this tool for prayer invites you to meet God as you walk its winding path to center and back. Learn more.

Witmer Woods


Located on the West side of SR 15 between the main campus and College Cabin is a wonderful 18-acre arboretum of native shrubs and trees. An excellent place to spend time with God in nature.


Bible study, prayer and support


Opportunities are available for students who are interested in meeting together in small group settings. For more information, contact Bob Yoder.


Campus Ministries Devotion Book

Devotion Booklet Cover


Devotions are based on the annual Campus Ministries theme of the respective year and connected to one of the five Goshen Core Values.  Download the Campus Ministries Devotion Book 2007-2014 here.


Prayer Odyssey

Prayer Odyssey 3 - March


Several days of round-the-clock prayer for our GC community, our families, our communities, and our world, in The Quiet Place (prayer room) in Kulp.