Dear Employee,

Goshen College is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace…free of accidents and injuries, and to protect the environment for our faculty, students, staff, and the community.  Protecting the viability of Goshen College requires protecting the workplace health and safety its employees.

The success of the College’s environmental compliance and occupational health and safety efforts depends on all of us working together and accepting personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of those with whom we work.   Each individual’s enthusiastic commitment to and participation in our environmental compliance and occupational health and safety programs is important regardless of length of service or position.

In the near future, many employees will begin taking one or more on-line safety training courses.  You will be notified by email if you are identified as a participant in this training.  The purpose of these courses is to promote a safe and healthy workplace, reduce the risk of accident and injury, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations (OSHA…Occupational Health and Safety Administration, and EPA…Environmental Protection Agency).  Some of these courses are new, while others may replace or supplement existing safety training.  The Safety Committee has been working hard behind the scenes to study pertinent regulations, identify positions that require training, and provide quality training programs while at the same time attempting to keep the training reasonable and convenient for employees.

Your department head is responsible for establishing and maintaining a work environment which fosters the development of appropriate health and safety procedures in all activities of the department. Your immediate supervisor is responsible for keeping you apprised of the approved procedures and information related to health and safety aspects of your activities.

The Human Resources Office, under the guidance of Norm Bakhit and Calvin Swartzendruber, administers the occupational health and safety programs of Goshen College.  This office, along with the Safety Committee, provides professional assistance and expertise to members of the GC community in matters of occupational health and safety.

The Safety Committee provides appropriate input on the training programs, makes recommendations to the administration regarding occupational safety issues on campus, conducts periodic safety audits, and conducts accident investigations. The Safety Committee has the authority to administer policies relating to environmental compliance, occupational health and safety, and to establish procedures for keeping GC in compliance.  Members of the committee, chaired by Calvin Swartzendruber, are Norm Bakhit, Bill Minter, Clay Shetler, Steve Shantz, Dan Smith, Corrine Thompson, and Kasey Wright.

Thank you for doing your part to make GC a safe and healthy workplace.  Together, we can make Goshen College one of the best places to work.