How to report an accident or injury:

  • If the injury is life-threatening or extremely serious, call 911.
  • All employees must notify their supervisor immediately in the event of an accident or injury that occurs as a result of their employment duties.  If you are unable to notify your supervisor immediately, contact Human Resources directly.
  • Supervisors: If any employee under your supervision is injured as a result of their employment duties:

1.  Notify Human Resources immediately at (574) 535-6111 or (574) 527-6631.
Evenings or weekends: Contact Campus Security at (574) 535-7599.  They will notify HR.

Notifications at Merry Lea click here

2. Complete the Accident Report Form within 24 hours of the time of the injury or accident. When completed, send the form to Human Resources.

Additional Information Regarding Worker’s Compensation

Goshen College values the occupational health and safety of all employees.  While we strive to maintain safe work conditions and practices, and believe that all accidents are preventable, we recognize that from time-to-time an employee may be injured while performing their job duties.  It is important for every employee to understand the requirements and steps for reporting injuries and obtaining treatment.  Note that this information applies to student employees as well.

Unless the accident is life-threatening or serious enough to require emergency medical services, any medical treatment you receive must be authorized by Human Resources in advance.  Treatment will be provided by U.S. Healthworks (2014 Lincolnway East, Suite A, behind Lux Café and Arby’s, next to Sears).

In order for your medical expenses to be paid by our Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier, Human Resources must be notified immediately of any job-related injuries, and you must receive authorization for treatment.

If you incur charges from a medical provider without obtaining authorization from Human Resources, you may be fully responsible for paying for all of the charges yourself.  Even if you have health insurance, whether college-provided or not, they will likely refuse to pay any claims for work-related injuries. That is why it is important that Human Resources is notified immediately.

Merry Lea: (Contact first listed. Try next on list if unable to contact)
(8am – 5pm M-F)

  • Bill Minter: (574) 238-6026
  • Kerry Goodrich: (260) 248-1592 or (260) 799-4378
  • Luke Gascho: (574) 238-0466

(evenings & weekends)

  • Kerry Goodrich: (260) 248-1592 or (260) 799-4378
  • Lisa Zinn: (260) 564-4771
  • Tom Hartzell: (814) 404-7901