Nanbu site visit

A rainy week of site visits began on Monday in Nanbu. Teaching schedules for our students here are concentrated in the mornings, and by the time Jo-Ann and Joe arrived from Nanchong two of the five students had already completed their teaching days. Each of our students teaches alone, 12 different classes a week. Since all live with families of teachers, they are in close proximity to the school campus.
With a student population of more than 10,000, the Nanbu middle school seems to be the largest of the four service sites. Located near the top of a large hill, the school is building a second campus on the other side of the hill. Once that is completed they will be able to provide separate facilities for the junior middle school (grades 7-9) and the senior middle school (grades 10-12). Our SSTers learned quickly that the Jialing River plays a bigger role in the identity of Nanbu than the same river seems to play in Nanchong. Flowing along one side of the city, Nanbu residents flock to the Jialing’s banks to stroll, fish and swim.
Between the rain and the SST leaders’ poorly-functioning camera, our photos from the actual visit are limited. We are glad to add student-supplied images from some earlier activities in Nanbu.