Note: the Agroecology Summer Intensive is also available as part of the Sustainable Food Systems major.

Minor in agroecology

19-20 credit hours

Agroecology Summer Intensive at Merry Lea

  • Sust 210, Animal Husbandry 3
  • Sust 215, Food Systems 3
  • Sust 220, Soil Management 3
  • Sust 316, Cropping Systems 3
  • Sust 318, Agroecology 3
  • one of the following courses: 3-4
    • Biol 201, Botany of Seed Plants (4)
    • Biol 308, General Entomology (4)
    • Bus 316, Principles of Marketing (3)

Student learning outcomes

Graduates with a minor in agroecology will:

  1. Gain understanding in the structure and function of natural ecosystems.
  2. Understand how ecological agriculture can contribute to sustainable food systems.
  3. Interact with professionals engaged in sustainable agriculture and related professions.
  4. Develop networking skills; discover service opportunities; investigate and evaluate career options.
  5. Gain skills in working with crops and livestock on a small-scale diversified farm.
  6. Experience faith-based community life and interdisciplinary learning.

Advising notes

For more information about the Agroecology Summer Intensive (ASI), see
A certificate of completion is available for ASI participants who do not wish to earn academic credit.