Super Tuesday

Finding a job description


Providing a job description will allow your interviewer to better simulate an actual interview. Search online for an available position in a field that interests you. Copy and paste the description (usually the responsibilities and qualifications) into a Word document.


Here are some suggestions to assist you:

  • Search through online job banks, especially those that focus on entry level jobs.
  • If you have interest in a particular organization, search the employment section of their web site.

Not headed directly into full-time employment?

Participating in Super Tuesday can be helpful even if you’re not headed into full-time employment. Here are some other options:

    • If you plan to complete an internship, feel free to submit an internship job description. (Find several helpful web sites here.)
    • If you’re headed to graduate school, we can simulate an admission interview for you. Send us some basic information about one of the programs to which you’re applying.

  • Considering full-time service? Send us a description of a service assignment that interests you. (Find several helpful web sites here.)
  • Submit a description of a part-time or summer job that interests you.


Want to see a couple examples? Here are some descriptions that students have submitted in the past: