What to Include in your Eportfolio

There are no set rules on what to include in your eportfolio because it is your creative outlet to showcase your abilities and goals. But to help you get started, consider including the following sections recommended by eFolio PA:

Summarize who you are and a bit about what visitors will find in your eportfolio. Give your audience a flavor for what you’re all about and let them know what you value.

Career objective/profile
Write a statement summarizing your objective. To be meaningful, your objective should be specific and clear.

Summarize your education, achievements, and work experience. Include detailed information on your skills.

Work samples
This information is as diverse as your background. Upload articles, papers, projects, reports, and publications so your audience can see your work. Consider including graphics, audio and video for further illustration.

Study Abroad/ International Experience
Explanation of what you learned that will benefit the employer; specifics about projects and photos.

Awards and honors
Scan certificates of awards and honors.

Additional education
List conferences, seminars, workshops and any other professional development. Add courses, degrees, certifications, and licenses.

Volunteer and extracurricular activities
List your activities or illustrate through photos.

List three to five people who have agreed to talk about your strengths, abilities and experience. Be sure to include full contact information.

Letters of recommendation and testimonials
Include feedback you’ve received from employers, customers, professors, and colleagues.