Eportfolio Tips

When creating your eportfolio website, consider the following tips provided by msn.careerbuilder.com:

1. Brevity is best – As in a great résumé, you want to provide clear, direct information about yourself, your work and your achievements. Providing snippets or brief introductions to your work that lead to or link to full descriptions and examples are best.

2. Organization is everything – Make sure your eportfolio is easy to navigate and browse with the most important information available in the fewest clicks possible. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to impress someone if your best work is buried in too much information.

3. Make it searchable – Use keywords throughout your eportfolio so that when employers are searching for potential hires they will more readily find yours. Linking to related Web sites, resources and professional organizations will increase the searchability of your eportfolio. Remember to include the Web address of your eportfolio on your résumé and in the footer of any e-mails you send related to your job search.

4. Express yourself – Eportfolios should be uniquely you, so make sure you have some level of customization in how your work is presented. Keep it simple and consistent with readable font and files that are not too big to download to view (no more than 2-5 MB).

5. Keep it professional – It’s particularly important that any writing and files (like images, movies, PDFs, etc.) in your eportfolio are free of any grammatical errors, are of the highest quality and reflect your most positive aspects you want to share with potential employers.

Eportfolio web resources

Review the links below for eportfolio information and tips: