Diversity-related Resources

The following web resources provide valuable information and job search tips for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

University of Virginia Career Services

Thorough job search guide for international students; discusses ways to find job opportunities, cultural barriers, interviewing, and employment regulations in the United States.


Academic360 Diversity Resources

This website offers a large variety of resources pages for different diverse groups.

Top 15 Hispanic/Latino Professional Associations 

Hispanics and Latinos are gaining a foothold in virtually every industry and career sector, reflecting the growing diversity of the US population.


Contains strategies for diverse professionals on finding a job, getting a raise or promotion, and navigating the American business world to make the most of your professional experience.


The New Freedom Initiative’s online resource for Americans with disabilities.

University of Vermont

Resources to assist LGBTQ students when preparing for and engaging in a job search.


Leading career site for Hispanic and bilingual individuals. Read career advice and learn about career development opportunities.

Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

National professional association with a goal to increase the employment rate for college students and recent graduates. This page contains links to numerous related sites.

U.S. Dept of Labor – Office of Disability Employment Policy

This office provides national leadership on disability employment policy. This page provides numerous links to related employment programs and web sites.

University of Kansas Career Center

Thorough overview of the career preparation process for individuals with disabilities. Don’t miss the list of additional links near the bottom of the page.

Institute for Community Inclusion

ICI offers training, clinical, and employment services, conducts research, and provides assistance to organizations to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in school, work, and community activities.