Seek Assistance from Career Services

The career services office is here for you! Take advantage of all the career exploration assistance available.

One-on-one conversations

Individual conversations and career counseling is available to all students. Contact Career Services (7002 or email careerserv) to schedule an appointment.

Counseling is helpful for…

  1. Identifying your values, interests, and skills
  2. Choosing or changing your major
  3. Exploring career options

Assessment inventories

Career interests, values, skills and personality preference inventories are available to assist students in gaining a better understanding about themselves and in identifying possible majors or careers. Inquire about these assesment tools during a counseling appointment.

Career Exploration class (DCS 210)

Career Services offers a one-credit-hour course designed to give students a structured approach to the career planning process. The course topics and activities include: self assessment, career exploration, decision making, interviews with seniors and with persons working in the field.

The course is offered during the spring semester and is primarily designed for first- and second-year students who are undecided about their major and/or future career choices.