Interview with Troy Springer



Current Position


GC Graduation Year


Why or how did you choose your field? Were there specific experiences that influenced you?

I became interested in dentistry through a volunteer project in high school. The dentist I volunteered with showed me what dentistry had to offer. It was through that experience that I knew that dentistry was what I wanted to be involved in.

What’s exciting about your job or this field?

Every day is different! By being a general dentist I can be involved in many different aspects of dentistry each day, so it keeps things from becoming monotonous. I get to meet new people as well as see many familiar faces each day. The relationships that I get to form with my patients are very fulfilling; as I become part of their lives, they become a part of mine.

What has been a challenge in your career journey?

The amount of time that it has taken to actually get to where I am. Eight years of higher education is a long time. It is well worth it though, and I am very happy with the direction that I have chosen.

Looking back, would you do anything differently?

I would have applied to dental school earlier. It is a long application process and if you know what you want to do, get started as early as you can.

How did your liberal arts education assist you in your journey? Are there specific examples you can offer?

The education I gained at Goshen College enabled me to follow my life plan. It’s amazing how all the different opportunities that Goshen has to offer can help in forming a well rounded education. Take advantage of them! SST was a great chance to experience a different culture and those reviewing applications for graduate schools look for that kind of experience.

What advice would you give to a young person just starting out?

If I could give advice to someone starting out at GC interested in the dental field it would be to make sure it’s what you want to do. Go out and shadow those in the field and do it often. Becoming a dentist is a large commitment, and knowing and experiencing what it all deals with will help you in your decision.