Education and Prevention

In a variety of ways, the college educates, informs, and promotes safety awareness on-campus. Some of these programs are:

  • A master plan for campus lighting was developed and additional outdoor light fixtures installed.
  • Landscape changes have been made to remove safety hazards near campus sidewalks.
  • The telephone numbers for campus security, police, fire and ambulance are affixed to campus phones in public entry ways.
  • Residence hall staff addresses issues of safety and security with residents and collaborates with others to plan educational programs.
  • A “Sexuality Packet”, which addresses rape, self-defense and personal safety, and alcohol and sexual decision-making, is available to all students, faculty and staff.
  • Self-defense training is offered to women periodically on campus.
  • Bicycle owners are encouraged to register their bikes with the city. This can be done at the physical plant.
  • The First-year Experience courses (CORE 100, 104) are channels for educational programming.
  • An ad hoc campus security committee is appointed as needed to review security policies and procedures and to recommend changes and improvements.

Important Telephone Numbers

Campus Resources*:

  • Security 535-7599
  • Dean of Students 535-7543
  • Director of Facilities 535-7351
  • Campus Minister 535-7542
  • Campus Counselor 535-7543
  • Coordinator for Sexual Assault Prevention Victim Services 535-7543

*If dialing from campus, you do not need to dial
the “535″ prefix.

Off-Campus Resources**:

  • Police 9-911
  • Fire 9-911
  • Ambulance 9-911
  • IU Health Goshen Hospital 533-2141
  • Oaklawn 533-1234

**If dialing from an on-campus phone, you must first dial “9″ to reach an outside line.

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