Fire Safety and Prevention

Living in close proximity with other students in the residence halls affords a unique opportunity to interact with many people. Increased personal responsibility for each other’s health and safety is also critical to maintain a safe living environment. During the renovation process, GC committed significant resources to ensure that residence hall rooms and hallways are equipped with sprinkler heads, upgraded smoke detection systems and doors that meet construction fire codes.

To ensure personal safety in case of a fire:

  • Know the emergency exit routes.
  • Know where the extinguishers are and how to use them.
  • Avoid the hazards, which produce fires.
  • Do not overload circuits. Coffeepots, irons, popcorn poppers, hair dryers and refrigerators should be plugged directly into outlets and not extension cords.
  • Halogen lamps are not permitted in campus housing.
  • Extension cords used in campus housing must meet safety specifications (UL listing label, constructed of type S hard usage material, and of sufficient capacity to carry the load).
  • Multiple outlet adapters are not permitted. Power strips with over-current protection are acceptable.
  • Never use an elevator to exit a building in a fire emergency.
  • No volatile gases or liquids are permitted in residence halls. Candles, oil lamps and incense are also not permitted.
  • A false alarm is dangerous. Never play with fire extinguishers or tamper with a fire alarm system. A fine of $50 will be assessed to anyone who tampers with fire safety equipment.
  • Do not hang items on sprinkler heads or throw items which may inadvertently set off a sprinkler head and create water damage to college and personal items.

In cooperation with the Goshen City fire department, unannounced fire drills will be conducted periodically. Residents should evacuate the building quickly leaving their room doors closed and unlocked. Residents should use the nearest exit and join housing groups at the designated location. In a crisis situation, residents of Kratz-Miller-Yoder complex, student apartments and small group houses east of the railroad tracks are to gather in the Music Center; residents in Kulp, Coffman and small groups west of the railroad trans should meet in the church-chapel.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited from the campus and all college related functions. Goshen College considers the use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs detrimental to individual and community health. Not only is the use of alcohol illegal for minors, but alcohol and illegal drugs also, by their nature, tend to create dependencies, invite an unhealthy escapism, waste money, abuse health, take lives and generate behavior offensive to other people and publics.

The Student Handbook describes the disciplinary philosophy, procedures and possible sanctions for violation of the alcohol and drug policy. The college counseling office is available to counsel with or refer students to community agencies for assistance with alcohol or drug-related concerns. Student Life provides leadership for educational programming on alcohol and drug use.

Firearms and Fireworks

Out of legal and safety considerations, the possession or use of firearms and fireworks is prohibited on campus.

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