Resources for Crime Prevention

The most common crimes that occur on this campus are theft of unattended items and vandalism to buildings or cars. Occasionally, students report that money or other valuables have been stolen from their rooms. As much as possible, park in lighted areas, lock your room, car, and bicycle, and do not leave personal belongings unattended.

The college does not insure personal effects of students. Therefore, we recommend that you insure your belongings through either your parents’ homeowners’ policy or a separate policy.

Security Measures in the Residence Halls

  • Do not prop open residence hall hallway doors; they serve as fire and security doors.
  • Lock your door when you leave and when sleeping.
  • Lock windows that are accessible from outside.
  • Keep small items of value such as wallets, purses, money and jewelry out of sight. Do not keep large quantities of money or unusually valuable items in your room.
  • Do not loan your key or ID to others.
  • Engrave larger valuable items with a personal identification number (e.g., driver’s license number).
  • Report doors, locks, and windows in need of repair to your resident assistant.
  • Report any persons acting suspiciously in and around the residence halls to your resident director and campus security. Note the description and location and report immediately.
  • Report thefts to campus security. Depending on the situation (e.g. stolen bike, theft from your car), it should also be reported to the Goshen Police.

Personal Safety Measures

  • If you feel uncomfortable walking on campus at night, call security for an escort.
  • Walking or jogging alone after dark is not advisable. Particular areas to avoid after dark off campus are the areas by the millrace and dam and Witmer Woods.
  • Be aware of your surroundings; walk in pairs or groups after dark.
  • If you receive annoying or harassing phone calls, hang up immediately — do not respond to the caller. If calls persist, contact your resident director or the student life office.
  • When going out, let your roommate, a friend or a staff member know where you are going and when you expect to return.

If You Sense a Potential Threat

  • Get away from the danger immediately.
  • Run toward well-lighted areas.
  • Get to a safe place with a phone and call campus security (ext. 7599) or the Goshen Police (911).

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