Access to Campus Facilities

Residence Halls:

There are five residence halls on campus. While the outside entrance doors remain unlocked during the day, the hallway doors on all traditional residence halls and junior/senior floors are secure and accessible only to those carrying an access card. Community spaces are locked daily at approximately midnight and are unlocked around 6 a.m. Your room key and card will give you entrance to your own floor at any hour. During vacation periods when the residence halls remain open, all hallway entry doors will be kept locked 24 hours a day. To ensure the safety of those in the halls and personal property, we ask you ensure all locked hallway doors remain secure and un-propped.

If you live on campus and have guests, they are welcome in the residence hall for a maximum stay of three consecutive nights unless granted permission from Residence Life. Please note you are responsible for your guests’ behavior while on campus. Let your resident assistant or resident leader know that you have guests. Persons of the opposite sex are not permitted on dorm floors after 11 p.m. during the week and 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Door-to-door solicitation, sales, and pizza delivery persons are not permitted in the residence halls. Physical plant staff will occasionally be in the halls to do maintenance work.

You are urged to question and report any person who appears to not have legitimate reason for being in the residence hall. You may ask the person to leave or request assistance from a resident assistant, resident director, or security.

Other College Housing:

If you live in small group housing, Coffman suites, student apartments or in off-campus rental houses, you are responsible for locking your own doors and monitoring access to your living quarters. Problems with malfunctioning locks or windows in college-owned housing should be promptly reported to physical plant.

Other Campus Buildings:

With a couple of exceptions, the locking of buildings begins nightly at approximately 11 p.m. If you wish to be in a building after closing hours, you will need a late pass authorized by the appropriate faculty member from that building.

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