Reporting of Criminal Activities or Emergencies

Any crime, emergency, or suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the Director of Campus Security (535-7599). Depending on the urgency and seriousness of the situation (e.g. assault, theft) you should also contact the Goshen Police. The Goshen Police, Fire or Ambulance can be contacted by dialing 911. Resident students are also to notify their resident director of theft and other security issues within the residence halls. The Dean of Students (Administration building, rm 14; 535-7543) may also be contacted to provide additional assistance or to report a crime. Telephones available to the public can be found in the lobbies or entryways of many campus buildings.

All crimes affecting an individual, department or building should be reported to campus security, Student Life or a resident director. Anyone who becomes aware of a crime is strongly encouraged to file a report. College employees who are campus security authorities or who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities are required by law to report the serious crimes noted in this annual report. This includes club or student organization advisors, coaches, athletic director, music group directors, SST leaders, Merry Lea instructors, and student life personnel when not serving in a counseling role. Campus pastors and counseling professionals will inform students of procedures for reporting crimes voluntarily and confidentially for inclusion in annual safety report and crime statistics.

Institutional Response to Crime

The student life office maintains a daily log of any crime that has been reported to campus security or student life. This information is available to the public at the student life office. In addition, the “Campus Communicator” and email notification are used by the student life office to promptly inform the campus of crimes that have recently occurred that are perceived to be a threat to students or employees. Goshen College notifies the campus of immediate threats via text messaging and via a centrally located siren.  These modes will not only inform, but provide directions for preventative action (e.g. lock down, evacuation, all clear, etc.) Serious crimes will be referred to the Goshen Police for investigation. Other matters will be handled by the appropriate college personnel case by case.

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