Student Life and Security Staff

Human Resources provides leadership and staffing for campus security. The Director of Campus Security supervises two full-time security persons and additional part-time persons to patrol the campus and provide a variety of security services. When the Human Resources office is closed during nights and weekends, a security officer patrols campus grounds.

In addition to the Director of Campus Security office hours, Security personnel are on duty from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily and 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Security patrols the campus to serve as a deterrent to crime, secure buildings, enforce traffic regulations, confront suspicious persons and activities, record facility maintenance issues, assist persons who may need into locked buildings and provide escort services after dark upon request.

Security staff checks fire extinguishers monthly and assists residence hall staff with emergencies, disturbances and enforcement of college policies.

Security members are always in uniform, and carry a radio-telephone with them. They are not armed and do not have law enforcement authority or the power to arrest. An excellent relationship exists between the College and the Goshen Police Department and Goshen Fire Department. Regular meetings occur between Campus Security and Goshen Police officials on a formal and informal basis; officers confer regularly as responsibilities dictate around incidents that occur in and around the campus area. There is no written memorandum of understanding between Goshen Police Department and Campus Security.  Campus Security also occasionally works with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s department and the Indiana State Police.

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