Outdoor Soccer Rules

  • Intramural soccer is a co-ed sport
  • All games start at 4:30, 5:30 p.m. (arranged make up games at 6:30)
  • All games are on the field inside the outdoor track
  • Games have two 25-minute halves
  • No overtimes in regular season


  1. Games will be played with 8 on a side, 1 Goal Keeper and 7 field players.
  2. Free substitution on any dead ball or out-of-bounds plays
  3. No off sides will be called.
  4. Sliding tackles will be called very tight. Tackles must be clearly from the side with the foot on the ground in front of the ball. ALL TACKLES FROM BEHIND WILL BE CALLED.
  5. A yellow card will mean a 10-minute suspension for the player. That player can be replaced on the field.
  6. An ejection will mean a suspension for the game in which it occurs and the next game. The team has to play short handed.
  7. If a team has less than 8 roster players present, they may “pick up” as many as two students who are not intercollegiate players or who are not on another team. Your team can “pick up” those students for one game only, there is no adding players to your roster.
  8. Because this is a optional co-ed league, and in the spirit of fair play and competition, any team not playing with at least one female player will be forced to play a maximum of 1 Goal Keeper and 6 Field Players. In cases where neither team has a female player, both teams may field the maximum field players.
  9. A point system will be in place as follows.
    2 points = win
    1 point = tie
    0 points = loss
    -1 point = default / cancel game