Indoor Soccer Rules


  • Only players listed on the roster may play in games. Any roster changes must be made with Intramural Staff prior to games. Roster violations of any kind are subject to forfeit or disqualification from post season play.
  • All participants must be enrolled as a student or must be a faculty or staff member.
  • No more than 4 men’s collegiate players (of any level) on each team, this includes anyone who has played JV or Varsity during the previous season or plans to play next season for Goshen College. Women’s league may enlist up to 4-collegiate players.
  • If a team has less than 7 players for a game, the team may pick up one non-roster player to play in one game. The player picked up may not be on any other roster from either (A/B League) or a member of the GC Soccer Team. Doing so will result in a forfeit. All pick-ups must be entered on the score sheet.


  • Players that become a problem on the court with incessant complaining about the officiating of the intramural staff will be disciplined. First time offenses will result in a player disqualification from the game followed by a suspension for the next game. A second offense will disqualify the player for the remainder of the season.
  • It is within the rights of the intramural sports director to disqualify an entire team if behaviors, attitudes, or overly competitiveness disrupts the spirit of intramural sports in any way. There will be no warnings if the problems persist game-to-game.


  • Matches shall consist of two 20-minute halves with a running clock – if tied, the last half will be extended (without stopping to restart) for 2 minutes of sudden death play. If still tied at the end of the extra 2 minutes, the game ends in a tie. In tournament play, a 5-minute sudden death period will be played followed by a shoot-out.
  • Only 2 minutes are allowed for half time. Only 5 minutes between games.
  • Game is 6 field players plus one goalie. You may make substitutions at any time.
  • All free kicks are direct kicks including the kick-off.
  • Absolutely no sliding tackles will be allowed and no tackling from behind.
  • On all free kicks, the defender must be 5 yards from the ball.
  • A ball that hits the ceiling results in a free kick for the other team at the spot that the ball contacts the ceiling.
  • Balls that go out of play will be put back in play with a KICK IN, NOT A THROW IN.
  • Corner kicks will be taken from the corner of the basketball court.
  • Goalies have 5 seconds to distribute the ball by a throw or by placing the ball on the floor and kicking it.
  • Free kicks, out-of-bounds and goalie kicks all have 5 seconds to play the ball.
  • Field players are allowed to enter either goalie area ONLY TO PASS THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE, they cannot camp in the box, nor can they interfere with the goalie in any way.
  • The goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball outside of the box only with the feet (NO HANDS). If the goalie touches the ball with the hands outside of the box a direct kick is awarded at the place of the penalty.
  • A PENALTY is a direct free kick 15 feet from the goal line. This is also the top of the box.
  • A player receiving a caution (yellow card) must sit out 3 minutes, but can be replaced on the floor. A second caution in the same game is an ejection.
  • A player who receives an ejection cannot be replaced and the team must play short-handed. The player must miss one additional game.
  • Wins will be worth 2 points, ties will be worth 1 point and a loss will be worth 0 points. Tiebreaker is in order of: head to head, point differential, and goals scored.
  • If the ball hits the side of the goal, hits the side of the net, goes behind the goal – the play will stop. Play will continue with either a corner kick, or a goalie kick.
  • If a player kicks (passes) the ball back to their own goalie, the goalie may not pick it up with their hands. If a player heads or passes the ball with any other body part except the feet, back to the goalie, he/she may pick up the ball.
  • All kicks are direct kicks.