Basketball Rules

  1. Games will begin at scheduled times and a team must have at least four players to play. Opposing teams may retain five players on the court in such scenario.
  2. Only students, faculty and staff are eligible to play on intramural basketball teams. If your team is caught with ineligible players, your games will be forfeited.
  3. A team may pick up one non-roster players if less than five roster players are available. A team may not play with more than five players if a pick-up is used. PICK-UPS CANNOT BE ON A ROSTER OF ANOTHER TEAM, IN ANY LEAGUE.
  4. Every player is required to wear the official intramural basketball jersey given out at the beginning of the season. The home team (team listed first on schedule will wear white. There  will be loaners available for player pick-ups that must be returned following the game.

Game Rules

You are responsible for calling your own fouls, it is strongly urged that defense calls the fouls. If you call a foul on yourself, it will be more likely that opposing teams will do the same. The Offensive is responsible for calling any other rules that apply to the game of basketball (ie, traveling, moving picks, intentional fouls, out-of-bounds, lane violations, etc).

  1. Games will consist of two 20-minute halves with the clock stopping only during the last 2 minutes of each half and for timeouts. Overtime periods are 2 minutes each, with the clock stopping at each whistle/dead ball.
  2. Each team will be allowed 2, thirty-second timeouts in each half and one in each over-time period. Timeouts do not carry over.
  3. A technical foul will be called for swearing and excessive aggressive playing. A Technical foul will mean that the player must sit out for 3 minutes, and a second Technical is an automatic ejection.
  4. The scorekeeper is the only person allowed to count down the final seconds. Anyone Associated with a team that attempts to count the time will be assessed a technical foul.
  5. Five fouls will be allowed for each player, but you must call your own fouls. Play must be stopped long enough to have the fouls recorded at the scores table.
  6. If a player receives five fouls, they will foul out. Seven team fouls will be 1-1; after 10 team fouls there will be two foul shots.
  7. Every ball that is taken out will be taken out of bounds at midcourt.
  8. Substitutions may only be made on dead balls.
  9. There is no shot clock used or ten-second rule.
  10. All rules are college menʼs rules.
  11. All jump balls are alternating possession.

If a team does not cooperate or play fairly, they will be given a warning by the Intramural staff. If they continue to not cooperate, play will be stopped and they will be asked to leave the gym.