Evaluation of Applicants

Evaluation of Applicant for Resident Assistant / Resident Leader

  • Evaluate the applicant's level of demonstrated skill in each category listed below on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being weak and 7 being strong (average = 4). Provide additional comments whenever possible, noting if any of the descriptors are special strengths of the applicant. You may leave a category blank if you are unable to evaluate.
  • Articulate; verbal and non-verbal communication clear and effective; specific in expressing ideas, feelings, positions
  • Not hesitant to express ideas, feelings, positions; elaborates; assumes independent responsibility
  • Empathetic; demonstrates respect for opinions and feelings of others; non-judgmental
  • Composed; not inappropriately anxious; responds well under pressure; willing to take unpopular stand; strong self-concept
  • Attentive; good listener; seems interested; doesn't monopolize; interacts rather than just interjecting own opinion
  • Sincere; honest; believable; willing to show self
  • Aware of how others respond to him/her; insight into how to interact with others; can summarize positions; can articulate feelings
  • Self-accepting; exhibits sound judgment; has developed a personal value system; can set goals and evaluate progress; purposeful
  • Self-directed; accepts responsibility; goes beyond assignments; persevering; seems appropriately enthusiastic; interested
  • Seems to have integrated personality; exhibits sense of humor; doesn't take self too seriously or lightly; shows anger appropriately
  • Able to verbally express belief and doubts; active participation in expression of Christian faith
  • Personal values are in harmony with the "GC Commitment to Community Standards" at Goshen College
  • Can direct others without being overbearing; encourages participation, offers suggestions, solutions; earns respect for judgment
  • Reacts appropriately to criticism, to differing opinions; accepts compliments appropriately
  • Your summary evaluation of this candidate's suitability for this position of staff in the residence halls
  • Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of this applicant that would affect his/her functioning as a residence hall staff person: