Support for Students with Disabilities

The Academic Resource and Writing Center (ARWC) at Goshen College provides accommodations for students with special needs. Students facing the challenges of physical, sensory, psychological, or learning disabilities must provide documentation to the ARWC director prior to receiving services. In order to develop an individualized support system for qualifying students, Goshen College requires documentation to verify the presence of a disability, its possible impact on the student’s academic processes, and recommendations for reasonable accommodations.

Students are invited to meet with the ARWC director prior to scheduling their first semester classes. The ARWC director can help with informal advising in order to optimize student strengths and minimize difficulties during the transitional semester. The ARWC director will work with students to develop an individualized support system and implement the plan in conjunction with students and their professors. If needed, the director can provide an appropriate referral for assessment and evaluation.


Documentation for specific cognitive, physical, psychological, and sensory limitations is required. It must include the following:

Continuation of 504 or Vocational-Rehabilitation Services

Any student presently receiving services supported by Vocational Rehabilitation or other 504 funding must provide documentation as outlined above. To remain eligible for continued Voc-Rehab funding, the student must also:

  • Meet with the high school’s Special Needs Coordinator or Guidance Counselor for an exit interview. During this interview, the educational professional must document special accommodations that have been implemented during high school and identify recommended accommodations at the postsecondary level.
  • Submit a letter summarizing the exit interview. Specify special accommodations received and suggestions for college. The person who facilitated the exit interview must sign the letter.
  • Meet with the ARWC director to begin planning for the first semester of college.
  • Meet with your Voc-Rehab advocate to discuss continued financial support.
  • Provide the ARWC director with contact information for your Voc-Rehab advocate prior to the beginning of the semester.

Revised 2/13