Kasey Wright

director of campus safety and security

Director of Campus Safety and Security Director Kasey Wright is a relative newcomer to the Goshen area, moving here just a couple of years ago.  Prior to relocating to Goshen, Wright worked for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office in Ottawa County Michigan for over 13 years.  As a deputy with the Sheriff’s office, Wright was active in many different functions within the department.

Wright was elected to serve on both the executive boards of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Michigan and the Michigan Sheriff’s Coordinating Training Council.  In those roles, Wright had the opportunity to try and better the working conditions and quality of the training that deputies across the state were getting.  Wright worked closely with state leaders to ensure that all deputies in the state received fair and equitable treatment.

Wright received his bachelors in criminal justice from Indiana Wesleyan University and his masters in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati.  Believing that education is the cornerstone of a successful future, Wright has been working as an adjunct college professor teaching the future leaders of the criminal justice field for the last couple of years.

Attempting to blend a firm yet fair approach to the position, Wright also hopes to foster relationships with the faculty, staff and student bodies of Goshen College that will become long lasting and invaluable.  Please feel free to say hi to Director Wright when you see him out walking around the campus.