Home Sweet Home

After a chance to sleep in, a few hours of orientation at the Frangipani Living Arts Hotel and lunch at a local Chinese noodle restaurant (watching them make noodles by hand is magical), the students walked to the SST unit house (P’teah Goshen) and one-by-one met their host families. Despite some nerves, things went very well.  The students were warmly welcomed to Cambodia by their host families/siblings, and there were many touching moments.  There were smiles, and much laughter.  We were proud of our GC students.  Some students left by car, some by tuk-tuk, and some by motorcycle/scooter.  On Sunday, the students will be able to relax and spend the day with their host families. Their one task on Sunday is to find their way back to the GC SST unit house for a quick check-in. Monday morning we will meet our professors and have our first day of Khmer Language class at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and in the afternoon we have a presentation on Cambodian culture and peoples.