Tuk-tuks to the Hotel

The adventure in Cambodia has begun! After a marathon flight from Chicago to Seoul, across the north pole and the international dateline, and on to Phnom Penh, the students have arrived, tired but happy.  After an hour delay in Seoul, getting their visas and clearing customs, they were welcomed by the Koop Liechtys, and our local assistants, Maria and Nana (along with their family and friends!). They got a chance to experience the local climes with a breezy nighttime tuk-tuk ride to the hotel. Tomorrow will be spent in orientation before they meet their host families for the first time on Saturday night. On Sunday, the challenge of the day will be to find their way back to the SST unit house and they’ll have their first day of language and lectures on Monday. Things are off to a great, if not exhausting, start!