Women’s Night Out and P’teah Goshen Night

Although this week is mostly about the Khmer Rouge — with multiple field trips and lectures — we’ll hold off on posting a Khmer Rouge blog until tomorrow. For tonight (morning in Goshen), this is just a brief blog about other activities this week.

Women’s Night Out was Sunday evening, and the women went to the Baitong Restaurant, a site popular with Cambodian-run non-governmental organizations. The women thoroughly enjoyed the chance to share stories, learn to know Ann and Mia a bit better, and eat great Khmer food in a relaxing setting.

One of our lecturers this week was Chak Sopheap, a young and passionate voice in the blogosphere. You can check out Sopheap’s blogs at www.sopheapfocus.com. In Cambodia, Sopheap represents the voice of the majority generation — those under 35. In this SST experience, we’ve met so many gifted, educated, articulate young Cambodians who are working with NGOs. Some of these people are hosting SSTers, and some have been our lecturers. Ms. Sopheap, who is completing a masters degree in Peace Studies, works with the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, and spoke about both “positives” and “concerns” regarding human rights in Cambodia.

Wednesday evening was our second P’teah Goshen night, with dinner and processing at the Graber Miller apartment. This week’s cooks decided to prepare an egg and pancake breakfast, and the group quickly consumed five dozen scrambled eggs mixed with sauteed peppers and onions along with scores of Henry’s famous (well, famous now) oatmeal pancakes.

Students continue to enjoy the freedom of biking through the city and are settling into the routine of regular morning Khmer classes and afternoon lectures. More tomorrow on our Khmer Rouge experiences this week.