Back Online: Settling into the Phnom Penh Routine

After being offline for more than two weeks, the SST Cambodia is back online now. We’ll be posting several posts within the next 24 hours, so feel free to keep checking back in. We’ll post these chronologically, beginning with photos and a few words about the first week on campus, a blog that was up for about an hour before the GC website crashed. The original version of that blog was lost in the crash. Students headed right into their first week in the capital, beginning Khmer language testing and then class on Monday immediately after their arrival.

Cultural lectures began that first Monday afternoon, with input by Poch Bunnak on Cambodian Peoples and Cultures. After the first night in students’ Cambodian homes, they were asked to make their way to the Graber Miller apartment so they could explore the city a bit and feel secure in knowing where the Goshen house was. After arriving on motos and tuk-tuks, they had a relaxed afternoon of storytelling, lounging in the hammock and on the front deck, and then doing other exploring from the P’teah Goshen base.

On that first Sunday, the Graber Millers visited Wat Phnom, as did many students, whose families enjoy showing them that particular cultural site. Monkeys roam freely around the temple area, and a rather tired looking elephant is available for rides.