Settled into Phnom Penh!

Nineteen healthy and happy Cambodia SSTers arrived at the Phnom Penh Airport two hours ago. After about an hour of moving through the visa, immigration, and customs process, we were on our way to the Colonial Mansion, where we’re all settled in now. Students send their warm greetings back home to Moms and Dads, siblings, friends, and others they love.

The goal for tonight (now 1 a.m.) is sleep, with breakfast in our rooms (grocery items brought in this evening by the Graber Millers). We’ll start orientation at 9 a.m. Friday (9 p.m. Thursday, Indiana time) and continue throughout the day. At 3:00 we’ll leave for a driving city tour and then host family members will pick up students at the end of the city tour.

Pictured in the photos are newly shorn Jake and Julian and Annalis preparing to go through immigration; Annie, Chloe, Kelly, and Allison waiting in line to turn in their visas; and the collective student group in the bus heading for our hotel. Daniel Lanctot, older brother of student Rachel Lanctot and a non-governmental service worker in Cambodia, also met the group at the airport and accompanied us back on the bus. In the bus photo, he’s sitting with his sister Rachel. Daniel and his spouse Kristin Buller have been helpful in identifying possible speakers for our academic program, and in recommending service placements.

Rest well tonight. All is well in Cambodia.