Final Farewells


  I write this final blog from Nairobi at the Mennonite Guest House.  On Wednesday, we came to town (4-5 hour drive) to return Beryl, Dedan, Erick, and Hannah to their homes in addition to bringing Leah and Mandy to the Guest House.  It is hard to believe the course is over, but we’ve many memories … Keep reading »

Segera Visit and Weekend Renewal


On Friday we visited Segera Ranch, a ranch that borders Mpala ranch where we are staying.  Segera works closely with its community members on its borders and we heard a  presentation by Njenga, the coordinator of the Zeitz Foundation’s outreach programs.  More information can be found here.  Students were impressed with the various projects underway: … Keep reading »

Behavioral ecology of large herbivores


‘I have seen two lions” Mara reported as she struggled to catch her breath. “Where? ” Prof asked. As soon as the answer came we all ran to the direction of where she had seen them. Silently we observed, patiently waiting to see the big cats. Waterbuck ran as the baboons climbed higher on the tree…obviously … Keep reading »

Sampling an old boma site…


With yesterdays visit to Ol Pejeta,  today was a bit relaxed  and this was signaled by some late breakfast meaning there was ample sleeping allowance given. According to the schedule, we took breakfast from 7.30 Am to 8.30 Am.(Kenyan time). The morning was a bit chilly compared to the other days with short moments of … Keep reading »

Ol Pejeta Conservancy


Mara’s blog – We saw elephants. One of my highlights was to see mountains, animals, and monkeys.  The vervet monkeys were so funny.  We saw twiga (giraffe) and we saw tembo (elephant).  There are also lots of mitis (trees) in Kenya.   We ate packed lunches before seeing the blind black rhino, named Baraka.  He became … Keep reading »

Weekend Rest


On Saturday we experienced another beautiful, crisp morning here at the River Camp in Laikipia.  It had rained during the night, which added to the freshness of the morning.  Dawn always brings a stillness and peace here, but with it a lively energy as countless birds chirp and the river gurgles close by. We enjoyed … Keep reading »

More data…


It is a good day as usual, the morning birds woke us up and they are singing as we have our breakfast. The morning feels fresh as I look through the landscape of Laikipia, the acacia trees standing there and the long different grass species wagging around gracefully. All the way to the field we … Keep reading »