Arrival to Wilderness Wind and Environmental Ethics


The bus ride was long, but the students arrived in Ely, Minnesota without incident.  After getting to the camp and taking a brief tour before dinner, we were ready to begin formal classes. We first received the syllabus, which included rubrics for various tasks, assignments and projects for each of the students.  Each of us … Keep reading »

Canoeing Technique and Rescue


Today is the last day we will be in Goshen before driving to Minnesota in the morning.  Everyone in the group met at noon today to have their gear checked.  Our group leader, Val Hershberger, knows a great deal about different pieces of gear and clothing. Apart from the clothing for our time of service … Keep reading »

Get the Gear!

I don’t get away from civilization terribly often, but I love to escape into nature whenever I get the chance.  Especially as a college student, I find my time constantly consumed with assignments, technology, and plain old-fashioned busyness. The semester is over, and now is my chance for escape. For this year’s May Term, I … Keep reading »