Traveling Light


When I travel I like to travel as light as possible. However, somehow I ended up in a profession that often has me packing more gear then a Sherpa. The class go together this morning for donuts and some bonding over packing the camera gear for the long journey to Kenya.

We are taking 4 cameras, tripods, a Kessler Traveler Jib, Kessler Pocket Dolly, audio gear, support equipment and batteries galore. I’m sure most of these bags are overweight but it’s the cost of doing business for filmmakers.

The students seem excited and anxious to get filming in Kenya. That’s the part of this class I love the most. They are excited to go to Kenya, but more so to film their documentaries in Kenya and experience a new culture.

May the journey be as rewarding as the destination.


  1. Ben Sutter says

    Good luck everyone! Have a great time and do great work! I’ll look forward to seeing the final product. Blessings!

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