Elephant foraging in burn sites


For the last two days students have been quantifying whether elephants forage on trees more in burned sites than in unburned sites.  Two students’ blogs are included here from Monday and Tuesday. Monday – Hi, the Goshen College fraternity, my name is Erick Omollo, one of the Kenyan university students who got the opportunity to be … Keep reading »

Crossing The Border

Prof. Val Hershberger approaches the end of a portage trail on our way to Canada.

As a direct result of the ice, our plans for the Boundary Waters changed daily.  Instead of heading straight North on our first day, we were forced to push East as the ice permitted to get as close to Stuart Lake as possible. We never intended to take the route we did, but our sixth … Keep reading »

Navigating to Lake Agnes

From Lynx lake, we portaged over into Ruby Lake before crossing Hustler Lake. Once we were told that there was no more ice on Oyster, our group continued across Oyster Lake and followed the Oyster River before portaging into Lake Agnes, where we made camp.

When I awoke on our fifth day in the Boundary Waters, I knew it was a day to make up for lost time.  The barrier between us and the next portage had melted into the lake, and it was time to put a significant number of miles behind us. Of the eight miles covered, roughly … Keep reading »

Baboon Cliff, game drive, and Sunday siesta


As I sit writing this, the light breeze blows the canvas tent where we eat all of our meals and cools the air, in spite of the equatorial sun. We are all sitting in the shade, enjoying our “calm before the storm,” or rather a few hours of free time before the week begins. Saturday … Keep reading »

Field work


Our group woke up to another beautiful morning at the Mpala River Camp where birdcalls are numerous and constant. Sleeping in a tent and hearing these birds in the morning made it surprisingly easy for me to wake up by 6:30 this morning. We started our morning routine with a reflection from Hannah (one of … Keep reading »

Arrival and settling in….


The 2013 Kenya course in Conservation and Research Methods in Savannas is underway!  All the students arrived safely in Nairobi on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Will and Ali get the award for most determined travelers after weathering a 10 hour delay in Amsterdam.  They arrived Wed morning in time for a shower before joining us … Keep reading »

Orientation – Thursday June 6th


Thursday, June 6th, 2013 Our first day at Mpala Research Center was a rich experience, every minute holding new excitement as we got to know each other and the place we will be calling home for the next few weeks. We woke up in our tents at the Ewaso River Camp to a morning full … Keep reading »