Photos from Brett


The students are busy going to museums, concerts and performances. Taking full advantage of all London has to offer.  Brett Conrad has agreed to share some of his photos with you.  Enjoy!

The Wolf Pack


As we continue to help Wilderness Wind prepare for the canoeing season, the list of tasks has gotten shorter and shorter.  At this point, we are counting down the hours until we can set out in a canoe. Yesterday we went to Wilderness Wind’s second campground, “Lakeside.”  Lakeside is a small collection of cabins which … Keep reading »

Snorkeling at Coffin Patch Reef


This morning we walked across the road to Keys Marine Lab for our chartered snorkeling trip to the reef (so we could be on one boat together).  We left the dock around 9:45 for a full day on the water.  We started with a snorkeling visit to Coffin Patch Reef, so named because a ship … Keep reading »

Living in Hopiland

Eric Polingyouma, right, points out petroglyphs on the rock walls of a mesa.

We arrived at the Hopi Mission School in Kykotsmovi around 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 4th. After getting some dinner at the Hopi Cultural Center, we had an orientation to the religious identity of Hopi from Eric and Jane Polingyouma. Our daily schedule for our time here usually included a lecture in the morning, helping out … Keep reading »

Doing "things" and Seeing "stuff"

Packing on the pounds in London.

First off, hello to our parents, and all the parents (in case your children have neglected to contact you).   Also,  Happy Mother’s Day! Now that we have been here for a little over a week we will soon get our blind confidence badges as we have become more comfortable with the city. So far we … Keep reading »

Octopus nursery…


Today’s trip to the mudflat provided another surprise.  Aspen and her team were completing their data collection (examining the habitat requirements for brittle stars), when she noticed a small octopus (Octopus joubini) in the sponge she was studying.  As the octopus came out, multiple baby octopi followed and we were able to view some of … Keep reading »

The Land Changes Around Us

On our way down to the White House Ruins in Canyon de Chelly. Look at how small we are!

We have arrived in the beautiful Southwest, with sweeping landscapes, giant rock formations and spectacular sky views. As we traveled, we noticed the vast fields of corn change into vast arid land, as far as the eye can see. The dirt took on a reddish hue. Soon we started seeing canyons in the distance against … Keep reading »

More fieldwork…


Another perfect day in the sun.  The conditions today were again spectacular.  One boat of students went to Old Dan Bank and a second to Triton Flats for more research.  On the way we saw a dolphin and a small group of very large (i.e. 5-6 ft) fish.  At Old Dan we caught a sea horse … Keep reading »

Can I Take A Picture?

As we began to learn about Native Americans here in the Southwest, photos have played a large role in our conversations about how people are represented. We often assume that photos are an acceptable way to document what is going on around us. Our Western concept of freedom of information is different from many of … Keep reading »

Praying for Rain

Junior Sunday Mahaja awakens with spidey-sense.

After two full days of work, Goshen College Students have helped Wilderness Wind staff unpack the camp materials needed to provide service for the rest of the season.  Throughout the week, they will be providing some general maintenance tasks before setting out on the water. According to the National Forest Service, almost all of the … Keep reading »