Visiting Mesa Verde

Lynelle is excited about getting off the bus.

Sunday, after leaving our Najavo host families, we drove to Cortez, Colorado and unloaded our bus at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, where we would spend the week. While there we would learn about the procedure behind archaeology and how the center works with representing Native Americans. On Tuesday morning, we loaded up the Crow Canyon … Keep reading »

Final visit to Triton Flat


Tuesday we woke and said goodbye to Dave Ostergren who returned to Goshen. Most students completed a final trip to Triton Flat for data collection.  A few research groups stayed at the lab and walked to a nearby hard-bottom site.  The weather Tuesday was very windy and the water was choppy – it reminded us … Keep reading »

Scones, stones and rainy days


By Ariel Ropp Yesterday our group traveled a few hours east to Salisbury, a quaint town that is home to the impressive Salisbury Cathedral and the ancient ruins at Old Sarum. In addition to exploring the cathedral, one of the highlights of the trip was taking a tour up the church spire, the tallest in … Keep reading »

Navajo family homestays

Fish Point. Natasha, Tabitha, Ana and Lynelle climbed all the way to the top. This isn't even the whole climb. It's about 3/4 of the way up.

As we ended our time at Hopi, we prepared ourselves for a new culture and new relationships. On Friday afternoon, we drove to a Mother’s Day Feast hosted by the Black Mountain Mennonite Church in Navajo Nation. After helping serve dinner, we were divided into groups of two or four and sent out with host … Keep reading »

It's the little things

kate anna carrie

While shows, musical performances, dance performances and museum’s are exciting and truly are once in a lifetime experiences, I’ve found that it is the little things that have been making my time so rich and full here in London. Whether that be finding Raffles the dog, running through the rain with friends, strolling down brick … Keep reading »

Final days of data collection…


The morning began with a lecture on Marine Protected Areas with discussion between Dave (policy) and Ryan (ecology) as a way to emphasize that the attributes of a particular natural resource determine how it should be managed.  Since many species in marine systems travel 100’s if not 1000’s of miles as adults (or larvae), the … Keep reading »

From the City Far Away

London. A wonderfully creative chaotic bustling beautiful city. Add the business of our class schedule and squeezing in as many shows as we possibly can and you end up with an incredibly hectic three weeks. Three weeks stuffed full of all sorts of arts and all sorts of great experiences that one can never forget. … Keep reading »

Singing at Layton Baptist Church


The 2013 trip to Layton FL, marks the 47th year of the Goshen College Marine Biology program. HOw a school in Indiana began a program in the Keys is a long story – a key part of that story is the invitation by Del Layton (the Layton founder and mayor) for Goshen College students to … Keep reading »

Ice and Snow Make Canoeing Unknown

Gretchen Nyce and Prof. Val Hershberger show us how to set up a bear bag, suspending our food high into the air.

With only hours before heading out to the wilderness, our group was faced with a very unknown but potentially crucial decision: what kind of canoes will we take on the water? While there are many different styles and materials to make canoes with, Wilderness Wind outfits their guests with only two options.  Our group had … Keep reading »

It's School Day!

Vasti giving a piggy back ride during recess.

During our stay in Hopiland, we have been staying at the volunteer house at the Hopi Mission School, which was established by the Mennonite Mission Board in 1951. It currently houses classes from kindergarten to seventh, but there are hopes to open it to eighth grade in the fall. The long-term plan for the school is … Keep reading »