Scones, stones and rainy days

By Ariel Ropp

Yesterday our group traveled a few hours east to Salisbury, a quaint town that is home to the impressive Salisbury Cathedral and the ancient ruins at Old Sarum. In addition to exploring the cathedral, one of the highlights of the trip was taking a tour up the church spire, the tallest in the UK. Talk about a lot of stairs (about 320 in total, I believe). And to think that it was built in the 1300s, before modern machinery!

Besides the cathedral, some friends and I wandered around town and bought fresh raspberries, cheese and scones at a local outdoor market. We ate the aforementioned goodies with some tea at a nearby coffee shop to avoid the rain. Delicious.

Later, our whole group drove another hour to Avebury, a lesser known stone circle similar to Stonehenge. Unfortunately, it was raining quite torrentially by this point, so many of us retreated to a cozy tea shop in town for more scones and hot drinks. I learned, yet again, that there’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea on a rainy day.

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