Constellations and The Northern Lights

From our campsite on Shell Lake, we paddled Northeast through Little Shell Lake into Lynx Lake.  Reaching yet another sheet of ice, we decided to head to a nearby campsite for the evening.

The Boundary Waters is truly a spectacle of natural wild beauty, yet one of the most prominent and memorable features of an experience on the water is late night stargazing. Though it is extremely difficult to photograph at this time of year, the BWCA is one of the few places where one can see a … Keep reading »

Dam Beavers!

The evening sunset from our camp on Shell

The teeming wildlife within the Boundary Waters is truly extraordinary, however a large portion of the ecosystem of the lakes can be attributed to one creature in particular: the beaver. According to my brother, Clinton, a guide from Wilderness Wind Outfitters, it is not illegal to hunt and trap beavers–however dismantling a beaver lodge or … Keep reading »

Layover on East Loon Bay: Watching Ice Melt

The sunset from our second night on East Loon Bay

Making camp in the Boundary Waters requires more than setting up tents and starting a fire.  Once a campsite is picked and everyone clears out of the canoes, each of us takes a job and help make camp.  Here are some of the basics of making camp. Picking an ideal campsite is important.  With nine … Keep reading »

Little Indian Sioux River

Getting ready for our week-long adventure.  From left, junior Logan Miller, senior Rebekah Steiner, freshman Logan Steingass, junior Josh Schlabach, freshman Emma Patty, Gretchen Nyce, junior Daniel Graber, prof. Val Hershberger, and junior Sunday Mahaja.

The past week has been an amazing experience of nature and wildlife, and after Goshen College students arrived back to campus on Sunday, everyone felt the effect of the wild. Personally, I found getting reacquainted with my cell phone and computer to be somewhat surreal.  And putting my Timex watch back around my wrist reminded … Keep reading »

Final Projects, Final Days


Greetings, friends! It’s almost 6:00 in London and we’ve all turned in our final projects, meaning we’re completely finished with the academic portion of the Arts in London class! It’s hard to believe that in just over one short day our three-week whirlwind experience will come to a close. While the work is finished (except … Keep reading »

Heading Home!

We’ve had a great time, but returning home always feels nice. We left Crow Canyon on Saturday morning to begin our trek home. On our way we visited Ute Mountain Tribal Park and spent the night camping there on Saturday. We then headed to Chaco Canyon where we spent the night and got a tour … Keep reading »

It's Not What You Find…

buckets of dirt, ready to sift

It’s not what you find, it’s what you find out. This has been our mantra at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center this past week. Our week has been one of learning about what archaeologists do and how they represent Native Americans through the questions they ask. On Monday, we did a mock dig in a classroom … Keep reading »

London Photo Update

Salisbury Cathedral Tour

Pictures to update! We’re all enjoying our last few days here and finishing up our final projects. -Alia Munley

Final Reflections…


I write this from the Miami International Airport.  Yesterday morning students presented their final research presentations – they were excellent and it was evident that students worked very hard on their projects.  We spent the afternoon cleaning the facility and performing minor maintenance and upkeep. In the evening I took Jessica, Michelle, Alex, and Cortney … Keep reading »