Visiting Artist News Release - February 26, 1998

Hollis Sigler
March 12 and 13, 1998

The Eric Yake Kenagy Visiting Artist for the 1997-98 school year at Goshen College is painter-printmaker Hollis Sigler. An exhibit of her recent work will be in the GC Art Gallery February 22-April 1, 1998.

Hollis is an award winning Chicago artist known especially for her painting, printmaking and drawing. Recent work has also included elegant cut paper compositions and installations. Her early work is often associated with the Chicago Imagists and the "naive" approach. She has retained this rich, bright color and drawing style in works with themes directly relating to her reality of living with breast cancer. In 1994 she combined a series of illustrations with essays by other women living with breast cancer in a limited edition book (edited by Whitney Scott), Words Against the Shifting Seasons: Women Speak of Breast Cancer. To see more work, follow this link to Breast Cancer Answers Art Gallery .

Unfortunately, Hollis' visit and workshop on campus had to be cancelled due to illness. Chicago art critic, essayist and lecturer, James Yood will discuss Sigler's work during a lecture titled "Hollis Sigler in Context" at 7 p.m. March 12 in Umble Center. A reception in the Art Gallery will follow at 8 p.m. James Yood will meet earlier in the afternoon with art students at 3 p.m. in the Art Gallery. At 10 a.m. Friday, March 13 a video interview of Hollis by Janet Kaplan will be shown in Umble Center.


This program, begun in 1987 to honor the memory of Eric Yake Kenagy (1966-1986), a gifted young ceramics student, has provided an opportunity for the students, faculty and Goshen community to work with, listen to and observe individuals who have made a place for themselves in the art world. In this visiting artist program, Eric's family and friends wish to celebrate the creativity Eric expressed in his too-short life, and to share with Goshen College and its friends events that will inspire others to develop their own creativity. Additional gifts to this memorial are welcome.


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James Melchert, Conceptualist, Berkeley, 1989
Deborah Remington, Painter, New York, 1990
Richard Hunt, Sculptor, Chicago, 1992
Ruth Weisburg, Painter, Los Angeles, 1993
Robert Blackburn, Printmaker, New York, 1994
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Franz Schulze, Art Critic, Chicago, 1996
Toshiko Takaezu, Ceramicist, New Jersey, 1996

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Back to Color Lithograph by Hollis Zigler.

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