to the
V irtual P ainting E xhibition of the late Ezra Hershberger
1904 - 2000
First full-time Goshen College Art Teacher

In 1955 after ten years of teaching art at McPherson College, Kansas,  Ezra Hershberger became the first full time art professor at Goshen College.  He graduated from Goshen in 1934 with a degree in history but developed his interest in art education while teaching elementary and secondary school students at Mount Herman School, Darjeeling, India from 1939-1942.  Upon returning to the USA, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, 1944-45, and summer sessions at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, 1944, and the  University of Iowa, 1952.  In 1956 he earned the MA in art education from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley.

At Goshen College, Ezra expanded the art program to16 courses and established  the major in art.  He taught a broad range of classes including painting, drawing, and art education.  He also organized many exhibits of student work, invited artists and traveling exhibitions in the Union Lounge.  During retirement since 1970, Ezra continued to paint and be involved in exhibitions. Ezra died June 27, 2000.   -mb

Many alumni recall studying with Ezra.  As a service to all those who have enjoyed his work over the years, the Goshen College Art Department is pleased to present these selections from Ezra Hershberger's personal slide collection.  ENJOY! Special Note to those who own Ezra Hershberger artwork.
    The Goshen College Art Department wishes to assemble a data base of information about Ezra Hershberger's artwork. If you own a work, please send us an e-mail or letter describing what you have so that we can document his work. Letters may be sent to Attention: Marge Brandeberry, Art Department, Goshen College, Goshen IN 4625.
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The Ezra Hershberger Virtual Painting Exhibition was prepared for you by Marvin Bartel, Prof. of Art, Goshen College.
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