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about the exhibit:

These images are from an exhibit of prints made by Merrill Krabill reflecting on the time just before and just after the birth of his middle child, Emily, who was has Down Syndrome. Included in the exhibit are poems by Jeff Gundy, Raylene Hinz-Penner, and Jean Janzen working with related ideas.

Other poems included in the exhibit

Jeff Gundy: Gifts

Raylene Hinz-Penner: Thinking of the
New Earth
& Aurora Borealis

Jean Janzen: Motion & Just Go &
Looking at Nilsson's Being Born

Artist's Reflections

Merrill Krabill: Exhibit Statement

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Inquiry into Gifts, or the Indigo Bunting

by Jeff Gundy

After hearing on the radio news
of the beautiful indigo bunting,
of its luminous blue-green splendor
that is visible only with the sun
at your back, I see one that very night
standing calmly on the lawn of a dream.
It knows full well how strange and rare
it is, knows it may live its days out
before anyone sees. As though
the world was made not to be noticed,
as though God had some job for us
beside seeing, as though eyes were given
for making the right turns and keeping
the rows straight. This is romantic,
isn't it? What can I say.
Some dumb gritty pressure,
habit or ideology, is warping me
toward a cautionary space where the birds
are all robins and grackles, beautiful
not even to each other, noisy
and jealous of their turf,
sure that if there is a God
he has done nothing for them lately.
I hear a strange bird call and
look toward the sun and see
a dark shadow, a figure that shakes
itself off to a further branch
before it even hears me looking,
to remind me that what is given in dreams
should not be expected again.

©Jeff Gundy

from Inquiries (Bottom Dog, 1992)