Alumni Profiles and Outcomes

  • Anthony L. Swinehart ’92

    My experiences at Goshen's Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center also allowed me to develop skills in effective teaching and experiential learning.

  • David Martin ’89

    "I think that the ability to be extremely confident in the mission that you have taken on and the ability to see the mission, in spite of all the obstacles, is really a critical success factor. And I think another is a bit of tenacity."

  • Monica Markel ‘88

    As it turns out journalism is an excellent avenue for community service and my career has shifted from early sports writing to local news in part because of my desire to do something for the community.

  • David Reimer ’84

    In my job I am working to promote economic development, poverty alleviation and mutually beneficial economic ties between foreign countries and the United States.

  • A. Edward Mendoza ’80

    “I have a passion for working with underprivileged people, because of my work on SST and also understanding people of a variety of cultures. I am now an advocate for diversity here in Hamilton County.”

  • Dick Lehman ’76

    “To be a part of the togetherness rituals that people share – eating and sustenance – is no small thing.”

  • Art DeFehr ’65

    "The skills most necessary to be an entrepreneur are creativity and willingness to take a risk. My Christian faith has very much impacted my professional choices and decision points."

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