Alumni Profiles and Outcomes

  • Justin Rothshank ’00

    Goshen College’s SST and other cross-cultural experiences have been beneficial to me as I come into contact with people of different backgrounds.

  • Erin E. Clymer ’00

    One of the most valuable parts of my international experience at Goshen was simply, conversation and listening to others stories. Those experiences have helped me to learn to value listening more in my current situation.

  • Alumni in LightSky

    "One of the big rewards for me has been learning to know and understand the people that we work for and with, especially the other partners of the business."

  • Matt Hickman ’99

    Philosophically, I have come to the realization that the relationship between "culture" and "service" is dynamic; they inform each other.

  • Hans Peter-Goertz ’96

    From time to time I step back and reflect on whether or not I have maintained the ideals of peace and justice that Goshen offered, and evaluate how to best implement those ideals.

  • Kristin Nolan King ’95

    In promoting Unique World Gifts through my marketing campaign, I am serving women, men and children all over the world and am supporting their livelihoods.

  • Brenda Hostetler Kauffman ’95

    "There is always the dichotomy of rewards and challenges in owning your own business; rewards and challenges can be closely related."

  • Ifeoma Ezeh ’94

    "As someone who grew up in the developing world (Nigeria), Goshen encouraged me to think about the reasons for poverty and helped me see that I needed to be part of the solution."

  • Michael Coventry ’92

    I enjoy working with teachers who take student learning seriously and who see their work as having a larger social purpose. Working with students who are willing to experiment and take risks is also a highlight.

  • Martin Hartmann ’92

    I enjoy the work, especially administrative issues and logistical aspects, due to the variety involved.

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