Kristin Nolan King ’95

Kristin Nolan King ’95

Major: Fine Arts

Now: Stay-at-home mom with two children. She currently volunteers as the meal coordinator at church and is also the Secretary of the Board and Marketing Chairperson for Unique World Gifts, which is affiliated with Ten Thousand Villages. After graduating from Goshen she worked as a floral designer, perused interior design with Ethan Allen Interiors and worked as a graphic designer for a family business.

What are the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of your job?

Parenting is the most challenging job I have ever had. It is 24-7 and one never gets enough sleep, but I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids. I hope to instill self-confidence, appreciation of other cultures and Christian faith, among other values in my children’s lives.

It is a joy to share my experiences at Goshen and (in my SST host country) Cote D’Ivoire with my three year old. I hope she and (my son) Mason will some day have the experience of living in another culture so that they may develop an appreciation for life outside their comfort zone and the Hickory, N.C., community.

How has your Goshen College experience shaped and prepared you for what you are doing now?

In several of my interior design jobs through Ethan Allen I was able to relate my knowledge of African fabrics and color palate to the homes of African-American families to connect them to their African heritage.

I feel I acquired self-confidence, self-reliance and appreciation for other cultures while at Goshen and have used these to communicate and enhance people’s lives in my work experiences after graduation.

What are your vocation and life goals?

My life goal has been to have a family. At the same time, I am fortunate to be able to use my creative skills and art degree from Goshen through volunteering.

How has Goshen’s motto, “Culture for Service,” impacted the way you choose to live and pursue your vocational calling?

The goal of Unique World Gifts and Ten Thousand Villages is to promote and practice fair-trade and to support artisan handicrafts from around the world. In promoting Unique World Gifts through my marketing campaign, I am serving women, men and children all over the world and am supporting their livelihoods.