Meet Hannah Hostetter

Hannah Hostetter

Admissions Counselor

Hannah works with transfer students, students desiring a second bachelors degree, guest students and also students wishing to be readmitted to Goshen College.

Toll free: (844) 704-3400
Phone: (574) 535-7527

My hometown is Harrisonburg, Virginia, though I only lived there for two years. I grew up living overseas moving to different countries every two to three years. I graduated from Goshen College in 2018 with a history major and pre-law minor. At GC I spent my time participating in campus events with friends, working on-campus jobs and working on GC’s student-run newspaper: The Record.

Before GC I transferred from Hesston College in Hesston, Kansas with an Associate of Arts degree. My transfer experience helps give me an understanding of the transfer process. I am passionate about helping people with their future decisions.