Student FAQs

Some frequently asked questions by Goshen College students:

1. I have credit on my account. How do I get that money?
You may request a check to clear your account. Forms are available in the accounting office or online on the Accounting office website. Requests must be received by 4:30 pm Tuesday to receive a check after 1:30 p.m. Friday. Only one check per semester is allowed except when additional financial aid is transferred. A financial review is made before any funds are released.

2. I use NELNET for monthly payments and I have a credit balance. Why can’t those credit funds be released to me?
If you use the monthly payment plan, funds are received monthly as you make your payment. Thus, until the contracted amount is paid in full and Goshen College has received the funds, the excess cannot be returned to you. You may contact the Accounting Office and the contract can be adjusted at no charge.

3. Can I use the credit on my account to pay for books?
During the first week of each semester you may use the credit balance on your account at the Follett Bookstore to purchase books.

4. My account was supposed to be paid in full. Why does it show there is a balance due?
Check your statement of account against your financial aid award letter. If an award amount is not showing on your account, contact the Financial Aid office.

5. What are the finance charges on my account?
Your account balance must be paid in full by the due date for each semester. If your balance is not paid in full, finance charges are assessed on the balance owing until the account is paid in full.

6. What is the $65 late check-in fee?…$75 late payment fee?
All students must go through final check-in on Final Check-In Day. A $65 late check in fee is charged to any student who does not go through check-in on Final Check-In Day but checks in later during the week. A $75 late payment fee is charged when a student does not make the required payment by the due date each semester. The due dates for the 2014-15 school year are Aug. 7  for fall semester and Dec. 4 for spring semester.

7. Why does my church aid or church aid match not show on my account?
Church aid is applied to the account when the check is received from the church. Contact your church to see if the check has been sent. Church aid match is applied to the account after the church aid check has been received and processed. If the church aid shows but not the match, contact the Financial Aid office.

8. What are the meal plan requirements and options?
Meal plans are required of all students living on campus. The Carte Blanche and 14-meal plans are available to anyone. The 80 Block Plan is available to students living in small group housing, on junior/senior floors, or in the student apartments. The 45 Block Plan is available only to students living in the student apartments.

9. What is this charge?

  • library fine
  • health center charge
  • traffic fine
  • check out charge

Contact the office that generated the charge: Library, Wellness Center, Physical Plant, or Student Life. The charges are sent from the different offices to the accounting office for posting to account.