Faculty/Staff FAQs

Some frequently asked questions by faculty and staff at Goshen College:

1. How do I request a check for payment or reimbursement?
Request forms are available online (Accounting Forms) or in the Accounting Office. Reimbursement requests must have receipts attached. Complete accounts numbers and signatures must be on the request.

2. How do I access the department budget report?
At GC Online choose the “GC Online II/Jenzabar Web Service”, click on ‘Personal, Academic, Financial Information’. Choose the Finance tab. You have the option of a range of expenses or specific expenses, depending on the component numbers you enter. Transaction details are available for expenses. You also have the choice of fiscal years. You must be granted access to these accounts. Contact Deanna Risser or DeLane Graber with questions.

3. How do I access designated or restricted account reports?
At GC Online a report is available that gives the detail transactions for designated and restricted activities. Under the section “Employee Services”, choose the report called “Restricted and Designated Account Detail Report”. Click on this report and it will ask you to put in a date range. The data in the system will go back as far as July 1, 2000, and will be as current as the day you look at it. Click View to view the transactions in the accounts for the designated and/or restricted activities for which we have set you up as the owner.

Also available at GC Online is a Summary report. You will need your Purpose code (last four digits of any designated and/or restricted activity’s account numbers). This report gives the balance in each account, as well as the unique feature of giving an “Available Balance” for the designated and/or restricted activity. It is not possible to determine the available balance in your designated activity from the Detail report.

4. How do I get a travel advance?
You may get travel advances from the cashier up to $100. Greater amounts may be allowed when requested a week in advance. Travel advances are charged against your faculty/staff account until the funds are returned. Receipts and proper signatures must accompany the return. Each advance must be cleared before another advance is granted.