Agroecology Course Listings

Note: the Agroecology Summer Intensive is also available as part of the Sustainable Food Systems major.

Minor in agroecology

18-19 credit hours

Agroecology Summer Intensive at Merry Lea

  • Sust 210, Animal Husbandry 3
  • Sust 215, Food Systems 3
  • Sust 316, Crop & Soil Management4
  • Sust 318, Ecology of Agricultural Systems4
  • Sust 408, Internship (on-farm) 1
  • One of the following courses: 3-4
    • Biol 201, Botany (4)
    • Biol 205, Pollinators in Peril (3)
    • Biol 222, Soil Science (4)
    • Bus 230, Business Fundamentals (3)
    • Soc 320, Environmental Sociology (3)
    • Posc 210, Public Policy (3)

Student learning outcomes

Graduates with a minor in agroecology will:

  1. Demonstrate on-farm practical knowledge and skills related to soil/plant management and animal husbandry.
  2. Translate practical knowledge of livestock, crops, and soils to a wide range of farm contexts across food systems.
  3. Understand how farms and food enterprises are part of complex coupled human-environmental systems.
  4. Follow the flows of energy, materials, and information through agroecosystems of varying scales and designs.
  5. Extend first-person knowledge beyond food production into processing, packaging, distribution, consumption, and food waste.
  6. Experience the power of food in shaping communities through differences in food access, food literacy, food cultures, and human health.
  7. Network and hone communication skills by interacting with professionals from diverse sectors of the food system in multiple contexts.
  8. Understand how morals, ethics, and/or spiritual beliefs influence decision making in food systems.
  9. Develop a personal ethic and the real-world skills to work towards individual and communal action for lasting change in food systems.

Advising notes

For more information about the Agroecology Summer Intensive (ASI), see Once the summer semester has been completed, other courses besides those listed above are acceptable to fulfill the minor in Agroecology at the discretion of the minor advisor.
Goshen College financial aid is able to be used for the summer semester just as it is used for the fall and spring semesters; contact financial aid for more details. A certificate of completion is available at a discounted rate for ASI participants who do not wish to earn academic credit.