Tyra Carver ’16

Tyra Carver '16
Tyra Carver '16

Tyra Carver, a 2016 broadcasting graduate from Kalamazoo, Michigan, worked at the campus radio station 91.1 The Globe and the TV news show, The Correspondent, and played basketball and participated in track.

Why did you choose Goshen College?

I choose Goshen College mainly for basketball and the broadcasting program. I also liked how close as well as far away from home Goshen is. Goshen is close enough to make a trip home here and there, but it’s also just the right amount of distance to get away from home.

What has kept you at Goshen College?

The fact that our broadcasting program has been nationally recognized is what has kept me here, and also helping turn the basketball program around.

What do you hope to do with your degree?

In the future I plan on using my broadcasting degree to potentially work for ESPN. As far as my minors go, I plan on going into coaching basketball, and I plan to one day use my business degree to open up my own hotel.