Pat Lehman

Pat Lehman
Pat Lehman

Pat Lehman, professor of communication, arrived at Goshen College in the fall of 1994, after moving to the area from California. She stayed because she loved teaching, loved her students and appreciated GC’s global emphasis. While teaching at Goshen, Lehman led Study-Service Term (SST) units to both Jamaica and to Peru.

What is one of your favorite memories at GC?

Experiencing SST with students, local leaders, speakers and host families in both Jamaica and Peru.

What was your favorite class you’ve taught and why?

My favorite class has been Communicating Across Cultures because my Ph.D. concentration was in cross-cultural communication and my research has been within this field. I have found students eager to learn to communicate across cultures because GC’s emphasis on becoming a global citizen challenges and delights them. They know how important this communication will be in their future work.

What was your favorite thing about being a professor?

Learning together with my students either on campus or on SST. Lively discussions in an atmosphere of mutual respect and discovery.

Do you have any reflections from leading SST?

Becoming a global citizen is a lifelong journey. But practice makes us better and leading SST has been a great gift to me. I have learned so much as my students and I immersed ourselves in another culture – courageously making mistakes in the new language, learning to be flexible, making friends with host families, understanding how much bigger our world is as we explore a new part of it.

What are some things you’ve learned from your time here?

Patience, the joy of continued learning, the delight of working with other colleagues especially in the communication department.

What advice do you have for others?

Engage in your learning each day with enthusiasm and joy. You only get to do this once!

What are your next steps?

I will be teaching half-time in the communication department next year, working on two writing projects, spending time with my children and grandchildren and doing some traveling, including three weeks in Peru later this summer.