Kyle Hufford

Kyle Hufford
Kyle Hufford

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What drew you to want to teach at Goshen College?

I was drawn to teach at GC for the freedom they offered in the classroom. As faculty we have the freedom to teach in ways that will be best for our students and our discipline. There is trust in the faculty that we know what is best for our students.

What do you love most about teaching GC students?

I love their maturity compared to other college students I have met at other colleges. I also appreciate how seriously they take their education and their global citizen responsibilities.

What excites you about your field of study?

It’s exciting to journey around the world and our own community to capture stories side by side with students to then share with the world (for example, a Communications in Kenya course where students film documentaries!)

What do you enjoy doing outside of your academic work?

I enjoy photography and collecting and playing vinyl records.

How does the college’s vision (international, intercultural, interdisciplinary and integrative) connect or shape your teaching and work?

I feel the vision of GC aligns with my vision and teaching philosophy better than anywhere I have been before. This creates a more cohesive teaching and learning experience.

How do you strive to make peace through your work and life?

I think this quote from Mr. Rogers I heard when I was a kid serves us well in our discipline as we strive to make the world a better place:

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.” – Mister Rogers

Is there anything else you would like prospective students to know about you?

The reason I teach is simple: I don’t want any student to have the bad experience I had as a student (at a different college). That simple goal drives me to better serve my students.

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