Hans Weaver ’13 and Niles Graber Alvarez ’14

Hans Weaver '13 and Niles Graber Alvarez '14
Hans Weaver '13 and Niles Graber Alvarez '14

Niles Graber Alvarez, from Goshen, and Hans Weaver, from from New Holland, Pennsylvania, graduated with business degrees. The two entrepreneurs  started the business Menno Tea…all while they lived in the dorms!

Hans and Niles grew up in Mennonite homes where they learned values of living simply and sustainably, working hard, treating others with respect, valuing relationships – and drank lots of homemade garden tea.

As Goshen College students, those same values were reinforced in their business classes where these young entrepreneurs got the idea and grant funding to bring their values to life in a new drink: Menno Tea. They started their business out of their dorm rooms with the help of the whole Goshen College campus – from financial funding, to a marketing launch in the campus coffee-bar Java Junction, to all the students who just can’t drink enough of this tea.

But this is about a lot more than just tea for Hans and Niles. Menno Tea, modeled after a favorite family iced tea recipe from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is made from simple ingredients: black tea, mint, sugar and lemon juice. A perfect drink for a community to gather around.

“I would like to create peace through business,” Hans said. “By being socially responsible and practicing good ethics, I hope to change the business world.”